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Choosing the "perfect design" takes some forethought and planning.  We are here to help in any way we can to make your choice of a fine wood window cornice one with which you will be pleased!  

Custom Window Cornices

If you're searching for an outstanding top treatment for that special window,   you've come to
the right place...finally...a truly custom wood window cornice can be made especially for you!
  Your imagination is virtually your only limitation!

Our longest request to date, this 16 foot winodw cornice, coined The Deborah, found its place over the picture window in our client's home.  If there were ever a custom touch for a window cornice, the combination of classic architectural moldings with custom-installed furniture fabric coordinated with a chair in the room certainly qualifies.  The unique custom touch for our customers.  That's what Starkwood Designs is all about!

If you're seeking a source for restoration architectural moldings or simply want to use a custom
 molding profile you designed or can't find anywhere else, we will work with you to give you EXACTLY
 what you want!  Just call us or email your requirements.

Custom Furniture


EVERYTHING we do at Starkwood Designs is unique unto itself because the natural beauty of
wood makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind, but beyond that, we do not mass produce anything
 we make.  Each piece is individually produced as ordered by the customer.  We have developed
 efficiencies in overhead and methods that allow us to be competitive without losing the
 hands-on personal craftsmanship that makes each cornice unique! 









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