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Gallery of Past Projects
  Click on the images to see presentation-sized photos suitable for printing.     
Those annotated with "Starkwood Designs" were designed for our customers.  Cities denote customer locations.

The Antigua 

This 5.25" high window cornice is shown (left) with a distressed finish, It is also available in painted or stained poplar.
It is expandable to 7.25" with an additional top cap (right).
  (Starkwood Designs)




The Colonist

To fulfill the request of a professional designer, a pair of these solid mahogany cornices were built to be integrated with London Shades to make a strong statement for the client.  Shown with an overall height of 5" with a 4.5" return depth. Can be produced in
 any height you like. Click the picture to see sample keystone used for length over 95"  (Kara Marie, Inc., Pelham, NY)


The Corinthian

These 16" tall x 4' long door headers were made from three large moldings produced by White River Hardwoods:
a pair of reversed door headers and a frieze molding featuring 3D laurel leaves.  (Facility Planners, Inc., Nashville, TN)


The Daniella

The customer who originally came to us with this concept sent us a photo of a cornice that had been in her home but was removed by a previous owner.  "Capture the look" was our direction.  The upper photo was the result.  Shown at approx. 13" tall, off-white antiquing with simulated gilding of embellishments and detail.  (Hingham, MA)

  Lower photo is another interpretation. This one was over 10' long necessitating two-piece construction.  The keystone device masks the connection at the center.  With medallions shown, height must be a minimum of 9".






The Diplomat

This stained birch/poplar beauty was matched to the customer's bedroom set.  As you can see if you compare, it uses the same crown molding as the Colonist, but with a dentil detail added and a slightly larger bottom trim molding. Any height or depth can be accommodated (12" left, 18" right).  Flexible design options  ...that's what we're about!



The Deborah  

A variant of the Diplomat, this striking combination of our client's drapery fabric inserted between the moldings resulted in a beautiful and dramatically different look to the very same combination of elements used in the Diplomat (above).  Use your imagination...the sky's the limit!! (Mamaroneck, NY)







The Dorian  

The combination of fine fabric and antiqued wood was just the touch for an executive office needing that "tailored" look.  At nearly 16 feet in length it was our longest cornice to date. (Twigger-Shaw Design Source, Charleston, WV)

The Kyoto

The flavor of the orient is captured in this mixture of stained mahoghany, enamel, simulated bronze, and gilding.  The wallpaper inserted in the center tied the window treatment
to a nearby wall in this customer's guest bedroom.
The style was adapted from furniture photos
provided to us. (Lake Havasu City, AZ)






The Leeward

The beauty and charm of traditional raised panel design altered to permit wood (shown), padded fabric,
wallpaper or stained glass panels  to be fully interchangeable!  (Starkwood Designs)
Walnut shown; also available in maple, cherry, & red oak.  Call or Email


The Lesley   

Built up crown molding over an embossed beaded panel molding offers an attractive change from the ordinary. (Alexandria, VA)    


The Monaco

The elegance of fine fabric and the classic look of crown
 and stop moldings make this stained hardwood cornice
a beautiful addition to a den or office.  Achieve a tailored
 look without pretense!  (Windham, NH)


The Monroe

A variation on the Populist/Oakton, our customer wanted a "Chippendale" look to his cornice.  Voila!  A new design is born! (Monroe, LA)




The Patricia

The subtle curves combine with the
massive dust cap to produce an elegant window cornice,
mantle, or wall shelf (with optional recessed bottom cover).
(Chesapeake Beach, MD)



The Pennsylvanian

This classic dentil crown molding & beaded panel molding combination adds the
architectural element our customer wanted in her dining room.  (Fawn Grove, PA)




The Oakton 

Hand-finished hardwoods such as cherry and red oak
cannot be matched for an elegant yet natural look, and
the Oakton is no exception.  1-5/8" crown molding above
a 3/4" half-round.  Simple but effective.
Starkwood Designs)




The Populist 

The painted version is every bit as charming as the
Oakton when your decor calls for a different finish.

The Sylvia

Colonial chair rail and simple half-round combine for a
bold effect.  Twelve of these grace the windows of  the Greenbriar Oncology Clinic, Lewisburg, WV.
(Twigger-Shaw Design Source, Charleston, WV)



The Urbana

A new look...created by one of our customers to
 replicate the look of his mantel, this colonial dentil
chair-rail/inverted base molding combination provided
 exactly the look he was seeking!  Bring us your ideas
 and we will help you find the solution!  (Urbana, MD)

The Wakefield

A 10-1/2" wallpaper border and snow white moldings
make a striking accent that will surely serve this
client's needs for many years to come.  If the mood
strikes, she can always change the wallpaper!
(Wakefield, MA)

An Alternate Wallpaper Idea...




  The Wakefield II  
Somewhat smaller top molding and simple
half-round bottom trim. Just a little custom
 touch for those who want something special.


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